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Founded in 1761, Borgogno is the oldest continuously operating winery in Barolo. Cesare Borgogno expanded the winery’s production in the 1920s, and commercial success followed as he became one of the first winemakers from Piedmont to ship wines abroad.

Made with long maceration times and minimal intervention, the wines are renowned for their traditional style and long-term ageing potential and are a favourite of Italian wine professionals and collectors.

technical profile

Langhe Nebbiolo is a wine that reveals early emotions. It is like the baby of Barolo that shows three years in advance how can be the future of Barolo. Fermentation is carried out for 15 days at low temperatures, 24-28°C, followed by a soft pressing and ageing in large Slavonian oak casks for 10 months at a temperature of 18 °C. The wine is bottled and refi nes 3 months more before release. This traditional process allows the maintenance of the freshness, fruity and spicy notes of an easy-to-drink and fragrant wine, unique and elegant as its land.

perfect pairing

We think it is wrong to recommend a “perfect” food – wine pairing, because everyone have their personal ideas and tastes. However we can suggest with whom it is perfect to drink this wine. With everybody!

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