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FROMWINERY – Vinho Verde, Portugal’s largest wine region,stretches from the Spanish border to south of Oporto. The soils are acid-rich and granite-based, with areas of schist or slate and clay. The slopes tend to be gentle in Vinho Verde, though some vineyards are planted on steep or terraced slopes. The region gets 1,500 mm (59 inches) of annual rainfall, which makes vinegrowing a challenge. Owing to this, many unorthodox growing techniques canbe seen in the region, including vines encircling vertical poles. The trademark fizz of Vinho Verdewines derives from the release of carbon dioxide during malolactic fermentation

Vinho Verde is traditionally non-vintage and consumed
quickly, so the wine on the shelf will always be a fresh bottling.
The way to make a proper Vinho Verde is to suppress the
malolactic fermentation and inject carbon dioxide at bottling
to give the wine its characteristic spritz.
The wine is produced at Quinta de Azevedo in the Barcelos
commune—the top quality area for Vinho Verde production.
Pneumatic presses are used for gentle pressing to extract free
run juice. A slow fermentation takes place under controlled
temperatures of 61°F (16°C), to protect the character of the
Loureiro grape. Broadbent uses a special yeast (QA21) which
gives a special character to the wine. This yeast was developed
in their vineyards, and is now used all over the world. 

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