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Porch wine, boat, picnic wine, these are just some of the descriptors that our Cavewoman White Wine fans have told us about this wine. It’s a wine you don’t have to feel guilty about opening no matter which day of the week it is. It is crisp and easy drinking and has a pretty wide appeal.  

Aroma: The nose kicks off with aromas of early season nectarines with hints of tangerine and Meyer lemon citrus. There is a bit of Honey Dew melon on the nose as well, giving the wine a lovely complexity.

Taste: On the palate there is a wonderful crisp mouthfeel that makes the wine lively as it dances across your palate, initiating with the nectarine then Honey Dew Melon and finishing with the citrus notes.

Food Pairing: This wine is made to pair with a cross section of foods from Hummus and veggies to soft cheeses and cured meats. Grilled prawns simply seasoned with olive oil salt and pepper would be amazing with this wine as well.

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