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“When I first went to Rioja in 2006 I saw these wonderful old trailers bearing fruit coming into the wineries. The trailers themselves are often two or three generations old. Some, once drawn by horse, have been converted to work with a tractor and are still in use. I was struck by the arrangement of the letters on the license plates, which indicate the region of Spain the tractor is registered in. In Rioja, the letters read LO-VE. The ‘LO’ indicates the capitol city, Logroño, the ‘VE’ is for Vehículo Especial. Native Spaniards didn’t notice the english connection. In this joke I had with myself I felt all of the things I love about Spain come together. In my 10 years here I have found wines of great value, beauty and intensity. The wines are complex and guided by their terroir, which is unique and distinct from any other winemaking region on earth.”

?                                            – Arthur O’Connor, Winemaker

LO-VE Wines is our dedication to everything we love about Spain. From the vibrant colors to the dynamic culture, we feel the excitement and energy of the country expressed through our wines. ?The Old-World elegance of Garnacha is presented to the modern wine lover in every glass.

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