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The development of Max Schubert’s Grange is a modern tale
of imagination, a battle against the odds and redemption. It began with a side
trip to Bordeaux in 1949, where a wine ‘capable of staying alive for a minimum
of twenty years’, first entered Schubert’s mind. His first experimental vintage
in 1951 began a new way of thinking that would eventually lead to a signature
wine style, but not before Grange was discredited and Max Schubert forced to
make the wine in secrecy.

The original and most powerful expression of Penfolds Multi-vineyard,
multi-district blending philosophy, Grange is arguably Australia’s most
celebrated wine and is officially listed as Heritage Icon of South Australia.
Crafted fully-ripe, intensely-flavoured and structured shiraz grapes, the
result is a unique Australian style that is now recognized as one of the most
consistent of the world’s great wines. With an unbroken line of vintages from
the experimental 1951, Grange clearly demonstrates he synergy between shiraz
and the soils ad climates of South Australia.

Quite simply, and unmistakable youthful “Grange” nose,
awakened primary fruits and stylish oak interlocked and indistinguishable.  As expected.

Poised yet powerful. A balanced, tightly-knit and woven
structural ‘tapestry’. Not to be constrained by dimension or frame.

Tannins with attitude! Nonetheless respectful. Slatey
tannins … alluvial, silty. Long and lingering – tactile impressions
indistinguishably and slowly fuse/merge into an aftertaste memory. Until the
next sip!

A Grange to create new friends – this 2014 offering a
subtly different structural mosaic; different tone and timbre.

98 – Wine Spectator, 

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