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DOUBLE GOLD- Washington Wine Awards (previously recognized as Seattle Wine Awards)

Despite the fact that single-variety bottlings tend to get all the attention, some of the greatest white wines in the world are blends. Bordeaux Blanc, for example, relies on the magical interaction of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon for its profundity and longevity.

Which is why our Vintner’s Reserve White is a blend of 73% Pinot Grigio and 27% Riesling: We wanted to take the best Columbia Valley fruit we could get our hands on, and craft a wine that expresses the full potential that this part of Washington State is capable of.

To do that, we let a few of our vineyard partners know what we wanted to achieve, and made it a point to visit them often throughout the growing season. Over the course of last summer, we probably consumed our body weight in grapes plucked directly from the vine, tasting and re-tasting to make sure that they were developing exactly as we hoped.

And then it was time: Harvest day arrived, and the berries were perfect. The wine, as they say, practically made itself, and the result is a unique, delicious white blend that strikes a remarkable aromatic balance between fruit and more savory tones, with lemon pith and kumquat aromas joined by fennel bulb and white spice. It has serious presence on the palate, with flavors of apples and pears, nectarines, white cardamom, vanilla, and fennel seed, all finishing with mouthwatering acidity and a distinctly slate-like minerality that call out for spicy or aromatically complex dishes like Pad Thai.

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