The Walls Chardonnay – Les Jeunes Vignes



We’re calling this wine “young vines” because, by French terms, all American vines are. Ali really wanted to extend the scope of her Chardonnay making and create a Chardonnay from premium vineyards in warmer sections of Washington than her Gorge offerings, yet still maintain her Burgundian style. As Ali points out, “no matter how much of the French style we put into a wine, we won’t ever have the chance to work with vines of the same age as those found in Burgundy. What we do have is incredible fruit and that makes all the difference.” The climate these grapes grow in is vastly different than that of most Chardonnay vineyards we work with — much hotter and more exposed. As a result, we have what our good friend Gordon calls “a man’s Chardonnay”: a delicate aromatic nose but a bold, distinct and brawny personality.

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