White Claw Variety Pack


The fragrance of its aroma, which comes directly from the grapes, is that of musk, locust & orange flowers, sage & honey, and the lingering of its carefree flavors brings out the brightest of spirits. The warmth & light that the sun has shed on the vineyards is reproduced in the glass, where this clear straw-yellow wine has a pleasantly sweet taste that features honey over fresh picked grapes.” ~ Winery Notes

Country: Italy
Region: Piedmont
Appellation: Moscato d’Asti DOCG
Grapes are grown in south-facing vineyards in the steeply sloping hills of Santo Stefano Belbo
where the white soil is packed with calcareous marl, and has an alkaline pH. The vineyard’s
distinctive qualities are brought out in the explosion of aromas that are strongly reminiscent of the
smell of fresh muscat grapes.
100% White Moscato
Vines are guyot trained with plant density at 6,000 plants/ha. In the end of August, beginning of
September, the grapes are picked by hand, with a part being pressed immediately upon arrival at
the winery, while the remainder are de-stemmed before undergoing brief maceration in a
temperature-controlled tank, where they are kept for approximately 12 hours at a temperature of
41°F. Very gentle pressing extracts only the free-running juice from the grapes, separating it from
the solid parts. The fermentation begins when the temperature arrives at 64°F, and is brought to
an end when 3 degrees of alcohol have been reached.
Moncucco is stored in stainless steel at a temperature of 32°F until the beginning of the following
spring. The wine is then transferred into a pressure tank, where its fermentation continues until an
alcohol content of 5.5% by vol. is reached.

Since 1878, Fontanafredda, located in the heart of the Langhe region, has been a true
institution in Piedmont, a benchmark for authentically-styled Barolo and Barbera wines
that deftly balance intense aromas and deep concentration of fruit with outstanding
finesse and elegance. This style is fully in line with chief winemaker Danilo Drocco’s
philosophy that “Barolo should reveal itself little by little, rather than all at once.”
The story of Fontanafredda is a noble one. It began in 1858, when Vittorio Emanuele II,
the first king of Italy, purchased the estate (a former hunting preserve) in order to
produce fine Barolo for his personal use. Today, Fontanafredda is the single largest
contiguous estate in Piedmont with over 305 acres of land, including 210 acres of
vineyards in the Serralunga, Barolo and Diano d’ Alba communes. Fontanafredda enjoys
unrivalled access to many of Piedmont’s greatest vineyard sites. All estate vineyards are
farmed without the use of chemicals.

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